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  • Seek Professional In Repair For Water Damage In Ogden

    August 27th, 2013

    If your home has suffered any sort of water damage in Ogden, be it from a fire or from an act of mother nature, you are well aware that you have quite the mess on your hand to clean up. This can be a very difficult time for you, as you may have lost some items that were near and dear to your heart. But take comfort in knowing that your home is salvageable, and you are still alive, and the rest can be fixed.
    That being said, you will want […]

  • Child’s Photography In Columbus, OH

    August 21st, 2013

    I was blessed with twins a couple of years back, and while they are a handful, I love them dearly. When it comes to taking pictures, however, they are all over the place and it is hard to get them to sit still long enough to snap a picture. We didn’t want to miss the chance to scrap book this rambunctious age and so instead of trying to force them to sit still, we decided to take them to a professional photographer that does child’s photography in Columbus, OH.
    We have […]

  • How A West Chicago IL Emergency Tree Removal Service Helped Save My Home

    August 20th, 2013

    Because I have always loved large, tall trees, I made certain that the home my husband and I purchased in Chicago contained a significant amount of mature landscaping. However, we quickly found out that being surrounded by towering trees certainly has its drawbacks. When one of the trees began to sway alarmingly in the wind shortly after we moved into our new home, I became concerned enough to contact a West Chicago IL emergency tree removal service to make an appointment for them to give us their opinion on whether […]

  • When Do You Need To Hire An Expert In Tree Removal In Valparaiso IN?

    August 13th, 2013

    Trees go a long way in making the environment cool and beautiful and this is the reason why you will notice that some home owners have planted several of them in their back yard. There comes a time when you need to take care of the trees and the best way to do this is to hire a professional in tree removal from Valparaiso IN. Do not be fooled by their name as they do so much more than remove trees.
    In some cases, the tree care might involve getting it […]

Envy or Be Envied

We all have that one annoying neighbor who seems to have a lush garden and perfect lawn without seeming to lift their little finger. Their grass is always green, their roses win prizes, and it seems like their finicky Hollyhocks are virtually indestructible. Do we hate these neighbors or want to be them? To be honest, it’s probably a little of both, depending on the day. Luckily, we don’t have to hate them, and anyone on earth can be them. Really? Yes, anyone on earth can be a garden ninja.


Become the Ninja

If you have a vision for your garden and the drive to train yourself in the art of ninjahood, you can create the lush and beautiful garden you’ve always dreamed of, worthy of picture postcards. And you’ll get there without the backbreaking labor you once thought was necessary to achieve that kind of garden. Then you will be one of those neighbors you once loathed and envied. You will now be a Backyard Garden Ninja.


Master the Garden

You may have the black thumb, pops, but you can still travel from plant killer to garden ninja. It won’t be a short, instant road to success, but it is definitely possible for you to get there. You’ll need to start out slowly: do one park of your garden, and master that like a ninja mastering a fighting style or weapon before beginning to learn how to fight another way. Once you’ve mastered one aspect of gardening, add it to your arsenal and move on.